Thoughts are what make us human. They have a startlingly positive effect on how we feel and how we tackle our days. Planting a good idea early in the morning or just before bed, will feed your mind with the ‘right’ fuel. So kick start your today with our Thought for the Day and absorb refreshing, uplifting thoughts”


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About Us

Our school is an extension of your home and a pace where your children would love to come day after day. The aim of this school is to enable every student to be as successful academically and socially as possible in a warm and caring environment.

Why Choose Us ?

We create young people who communicate effectively, cooperate in teams, develop research skills,use new technology with confidence and take responsibility for their own learning and actions.
We believe that pupils who are involved in a range of activities at school will be successful in their academic progress. The climate of a school includes its kids and its diversity, but it includes much more than that.

A ‘Samaritans’ means a person who helps others.
Our mission is to produce Samaritan Indian who can build a more concrete Nation through the vision of Simplicity, Creativity and Purity.
In a fast changing technological world we develop life-long learners who can cope with change.
Our school’s vision aligns with shifts in the global economy, society and environment which animates our values.

Our Vision is ‘विद्या अमृतं अश्नूते’ means “Knowledge procures eternity”.

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