Chairman’s Desk

Mr. Prashant Harne

Samaritans is a dream school trying to translate a dream into a reality it’s a dream of resurgent India, which can revert back the glory of ancient India, where material, intellectual and spiritual advancements went hand in hand. In today’s pessimistic world about the revival of India, I beg to differ from them! India can have a glorious future if only we find out all that is good in our past & put into practice at least one idea of any one of the eminent men of ours. Let me say, yes a glorious future is assured, if we have the will to do  it !

We are aiming at a holistic education for our children. We realize India’s future is being moulded in our classrooms. We do take a lot of care to instill virtues Et are pledged to produce the best out-going Samaritans in their chosen vocation.

 We want to take the leading roles in producing the Global Samaritans through all your wishes Et blessings. My message is meant to encourage all Samaritans to take the canvas of hope Et the brush of a glorious vision Et paint your own portrait of excellence.

With best wishes.